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Hermann Minkowski
1864 - 1909




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  • The Minkowski Institute launches a new initiative:

    Identifying Foundational Knowledge

  • In May 2017, to mark the 110th anniversary of Hermann Minkowski's two lectures on relativity (given in 1907), which presented the novel ideas and the mathematical formalism of the four-dimensional physics of spacetime (summarized in Minkowski's famous lecture Space and Time a year later), the Minkowski Institute initiates a biennial series of meetings bringing together experts (mostly physicists and mathematicians) on the foundations of spacetime physics (and beginners in the field as well):

    Hermann Minkowski Meetings on the Foundations of Spacetime Physics

  • The Spacetime Conferences resume - 2016 Spacetime Conference
  • At present the research at the Minkowski Institute is on its first and major research project as outlined in section Members and Research and the Institute continues to invite researchers who are interested in working on this project and its implications.