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1864 - 1909




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In the first half of 2018 the Minkowski Institute will be launching the Minkowski Institute Magazine as one of the main means to pursue three of the Institute's goals (the last three given below).

At this stage the magazine will be only online and may remain so if in the coming years the tendency to have everything online accelerates.

Colleagues willing to write an article for the general public on any topic about the physical world of which they feel people (non-physicists) should have some accurate but basic knowledge can contact Vesselin Petkov at vpetkov@minkowskiinstitute.org.

Goals of the Minkowski Institute:

  • To help change the present situation (~impasse) in fundamental physics and actively participate in leading the research on the major open questions.
  • To demonstrate that employing an advanced research strategy is more important for making breakthroughs in science than investing millions of dollars.
  • To become a world center for training the most innovative and productive researchers of the 21st science.
  • To inspire young people to pursue studies and careers in science.
  • To provide continual science education for the general public in order that scientific culture becomes an inseparable element of the common culture of every individual.
  • To promote science and science education as the best way to advance our civilization.