Fourth International Conference
on the Nature and Ontology of Spacetime


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2016 Conference Volume

10 September 2016: Papers presented at the conference will be peer reviewed and the accepted papers will be included in a volume published by the Minkowski Institute Press (MIP).

Color pictures will be included in the electronic versions of the volume (the ebook at the MIP site and the Kindle book at Amazon), but white-and-black pictures will be in the physical book.

29 April 2017: The conference volume was just published and through Amazon and other sellers its two versions - softcover and ebook (Kindle and PDF with hyperlinks) - are already available all over the world.

The volume was prepared and published in an unimaginably short period of time thanks to the hard work of the Editors, Anguel S. Stefanov and Marco Giovanelli, the prompt responses from reviewers and contributors, and Amazon's (and its companies) rapid services and efficiency.

Now, as planned, it will be included in the book exhibition at the First Hermann Minkowski Meeting in Albena next month - by Springer and the Minkowski Institute Press.

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